Quantum Research Engineer (Diamond Color Centers)

Cambridge, MA, USA

Quantum Network Technologies (QNT) was formed in 2022 with a mission to build the fundamental underpinnings of the quantum internet for applications such as quantum secure communications, distributed quantum computing, and quantum sensing.

QNT is actively developing technologies to make this a reality by focusing on an ultra-fast and high-fidelity quantum repeater.

QNT is funded and was founded by professors Dirk Englund (MIT) and Saikat Guha (UofA).

Things we value- getting things done, creativity, courage, persistence, drive, teamwork, and most of all, having fun!


We are a small team, focused on building and shipping our first product. We are relentless in tackling hard technical challenges in our pursuit to build the world’s first quantum repeater.

As a quantum research engineer, you will be responsible for the design, validation, and test of color centers in diamond. You will build experimental lab setups to test and characterize our diamond chips. Your creativity and commitment to shipping a world class quantum repeater will be expected when creating designs and solutions to increase the rate and fidelity of entanglement generation. You will work on a cross functional team to analyze system designs and tradeoffs, and to develop new techniques for testing from lab bench to fully packaged product.




Please email CVs, resumes, and any other information you feel is relevant to jobs@qunett.com.